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Google Photos: You can automatically create themed movies with AI

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With the help of AI, Google Photos can now automatically create themed movies on demand

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means love is everywhere — and with Google Photos, you can share it with your loved ones. There are a few ways you can get creative and create amazing themed movies with the help of AI.

Google Photos – create your own customized themed movies

from now onwards, you can turn your photos into customized themed movies via the app or the web. A customized themed movie brings together photos of your loved one or brings complete insights of an important event, and you can also expertly edit them together and set background photosYou might have seen Google Photos automatically create these movies for you before— but now, you have the option to create one whenever you want, according to your taste and feel. With a range of themes, from “They Grow Up So Fast” to the feline favorite “Meow Movie,” it’s the perfect way to celebrate all of your favorite people, furry friends, and precious moments.

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First of all…

you’ll have to have photos in your Google Photos gallery that are recognized. If you only have one picture of your dog it’s not going to work. Click Multiple pictures of your pet.

  1. Open Google Photos and tap on Assistant at the bottom of the page
  2. At the top, you’ll see four buttons, tap on the Movie button
  3. Now, select your images manually and then use a google theme or you can add it manually as well.
  4. Google will then either ask you to select a person, people or animal, as required
  5. The movie is created in the background, you’ll get a notification when it is complete.

google photos

Making a themed movie is very simple, you can now take a seat in the director’s chair and edit your movie with the movie editor in the iOS or Android app.

Someone has shared the customized Google Photos on Instagram

Google Photos custom movies can make movies from anything you want!

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These customized themed movies feature is rolling out in most countries, and more movie themes will continue to rollout throughout the year.

Make a photo book for that special someone in your life

If you’re in the (US or Canada) and looking for a beautiful way to show someone you love & care about, you can also create a photo book in just a few minutes from your computer or phone. Now you might be in need of some creative inspiration?

Spread the love with your friends & family directly from Google Photos library

All year long, you can make it easy to share the beautiful moments with people who matter the most to you. That’s where shared libraries from Google Photos come in. This feature allows you to effortlessly and automatically send and receive photos with the important people in your life—like all of the pictures of your daughter with her grandparent or with your life partner.

google photos

To get started with this, tap the menu bar in the top left, then “Add partner account.” You can also share your whole library, or you can choose to share only photos of specific people, or from certain dates.

Still, need to get into Valentine’s Day spirit? Try searching your gallery for “hug,” “,” or even to find a few photos that will definitely melt your heart.

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Enjoy Valentine’s week with your Loved ones & do not forget the spread the love

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