I hope that you all have thoroughly enjoyed our previous post. Well, the winter season is coming. So we all of our readers want to go for an outing at this time of the year, everyone wants a holiday break from the hectic pressure of work. Maybe some people wanna visit a hill station or someone wanna visit somewhere else to enjoy their winters but Lachung – A Valley of Flowers is a perfect place.

we are going to tell you about a very beautiful place called “Lachung” where you can go to enjoy and to make your holidays pleasant. we would like to start our journey with

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Introduction to the beautiful city of Lachung – A Valley of Flowers

Lachung a very small town situated in the hilly area and is having its existence since 1900 century and it has an elevation of 8610 ft (nearly 2700 m). Sikkim, one of the northeast state in India. This place is a major tourist attraction in the Sikkim.

Lachung is very close to Tibetan border. It is surrounded by Lachunga River and beautiful Apple orchards too. You can visit its nearby places such as Yumthang Valley and its Shingba Rhododendron sanctuary are the major source of attraction. This valley is famous for its waterfall and hot spring.

Lachung is embraced by snow-capped mountain peaks, breathtaking waterfalls, sparkling streams and apple orchards is the perfect holiday destination.

Sprawled across the banks of the Lachunga Chu [river] which slices the village in two, Lachung is famous for its apples, peaches, and apricots. This village is home to the Buddhist Lachung Monastery of the 19th century.


The supermarket of this beautiful city is filled with handmade and beautifully designed handicrafts such as exquisitely woven rugs and blankets that make this town ideal for shopping sprees.

There are a few interesting places that you must visit during your trip to Lachung. Gompa is the famous sightseeing spot in this city and Mount Katao is a good destination near Lachung that is at a distance of 30 kilometers.

Location and weather in this beautiful city of flowers

Lachung is elevated at 2700m above sea level. Basically, it is in the snow-covered beautiful mountains. The minimum or average temperature here is 0-degree Celcius.


The speed of wind in Lachung is about 3km/hr and that’s why humidity in the air is very much around 60-71%. The humidity depends on the weather, so it keeps changing.

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What is the best time to visit valley of flowers?

The time from October to February is the best time to visit Lachung because the weather is pleasant at this time. Lachung experiences mild summers with winters being very cold and monsoon receiving heavy rainfalls. Monsoon season in the Lachung is not so good.

How you can easily visit this city possible mode of transportation

The Best part about traveling to any destination is the mode of transport which you have opt-in, every mode of transport has its own merits and demerits. While traveling you should always take care of comfort and joy because that’s what makes your trip extremely amazing.

By Air: Airways is the best mode of transport, as it’s not affordable for everyone still many people opt-in for it. You can visit Gangtok because it has one of the nearest airports and therefore regular flights are available for various different places. After visiting Gangtok Airport you have to take a Radio taxi or a local bus from here to reach this beautiful city of Sikkim.

By Railways: Indian Railways are the best & most convenient mode of transport to visit anywhere across the country, Lachung railway station is near to the city and you can easily be reached by road. Railway network is also very well connected and make your journey cheaper and comfortable.


By Road: As it is a hill station and tourists usually prefer to travel via road. So you can prefer a taxi, jeeps, buses or personal vehicles to reach the beautiful valley of flowers. Gangtok is well connected to Lachung with road transport facility. It is about 113-115 km from Lachung and usually, it takes 2-3 hours to visit there.

Where you can Stay in Lachung – Hotels & Resorts

Accommodation is the main part of traveling and in Lachung it is not at all a problem as it is the main tourist hotspot and the whole city has a decent accommodation facility for its tourist you can stay in various hotels. It has almost 100’s of hotels, lodges, and resorts which are providing all necessary facility for the comfort of tourists.

We would like to recommend some decent accommodation centers Yardarm Resort, Modern Residency, Le Cozy Resort, Fortuna Resort, Cliff View Residency, Season House and Golden Valley are various options for accommodation in Lachung which you can choose according to your preferences.

Main tourist destination in the valley

Lachung is a beautiful city for sightseeing, Lachung Chu is one of the rivers which flows between the city. The river melts the snow above which also provides you with a beautiful sight.

The Lachunga Monastery which is the symbol of the religious and cultural heritage of Buddhist Culture is a great sight-seeing spot. Yumesamdong (Zero Point) is a heaven like a place where you can get the most magnificent and awesome view.

People can see there snow covered Himalayan peaks and beautiful flowers in this place. Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is another tourist attraction which has more than 24 different species of rhododendron shrubs.

A variety of flora and fauna are available at the place which includes Poppies, Rhododendrons, Primulas, Saxifrages, Gentians, Iris and much more. It is the also the home of spotted linsang and tiger.

Trekking Experience in the valley of flowers

Bhutias and Lepchas stay in the majority at this place and the major spoken languages here are Nepali, Lepcha, and Bhutia. Sikkim is known for its festivals, Lossong is one of the most popular festivals which is also called the New Year of the Bhutanian people.


The festival is celebrated in the month of January. Saga Dawa is another festival which is celebrated by the Buddhist people. It is the day of Gautam Buddha.

Food Lovers your favorite Cuisines and Restaurant in Valley

Being situated at a very high altitude, Lachung cannot provide more varieties of food. The mostly available dishes are different types of fishes, dal, and rice. You can also try the famous cuisine of Sikkim while visiting this place & most hotels and lodges in the place have their own dining facilities and restaurants that are more convenient for tourists.

Traveling Tips while you are visiting Valley of Flowers

It is advisable to keep a travel guide before going there. It is customary to leave a donation at a monastery and to revolve around shrines in the clockwise direction. Make sure you don’t harm the wildlife or its habitat. And also not to smoke, drink alcohol or talk loudly at the monasteries. Because it is a very Peaceful Place and it also reflects Buddhist Culture as well as tribal heritage

Visit Lachung – A valley of Flowers and Explores the

beautiful city

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