“Off-Page SEO” – An exclusive guide for beginners

off-page seo

“Off-Page SEO” – An exclusive guide for beginners

off-page seoOff-page SEO

Have you heard the term “SEO” earlier?

If you are a digital marketer, blogger, tech geek you are quite familiar with SEO & of course “Off-page SEO”

Do you know “Search Engine Optimization” is a useful technique to rank higher in the search engines and if done properly it can help you to generate more organic traffic to your blogging website?

The higher your web pages rank in search engines the more organic traffic your website will get.

There are so-called “Digital Marketing kings” in the world of the Internet who defines SEO & Off-Page SEO in a completely different way. Almost all have created their own dictionary to define Search Engine Optimization.

As most of the digital marketers are implementing their plans and strategy in the second half of 2018,

There are so many young, passionate and energetic beginners who are still struggling to give their best in implementing the latest SEO techniques of 2018.

In this beginner’s off-page seo guide, we will include what is Off-Page SEO, minor difference between on-page and Off-page seo and how does Google, Alexa and other search engines ranks a website so that beginners and other marketers who are planning to implement Off-Page SEO techniques can get impressive results and higher rankings in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex.

Before discussing the Off-Page SEO let us first know what On-Page SEO is.

You can know more about On-page SEO in detail but for your reference, we are quoting the definition given by Moz.

On-Page SEO is something where we have to optimize web pages for robots and crawlers.

Off-page SEO is something where we have to optimize our web pages with the help of an external website.

Now you might be wondering, how we can optimize our website with the help of other websites.
Is it possible?

What’s the hack behind It.?

Is it ethical?

Don’t worry folks, it is a very simple, but a time taking process.

It needs patience and hard work

If done ethically, it will definitely show the interesting results which lead you towards more organic traffic.

You will not see instant results, but all you have to do is create quality backlinks by using various Link building techniques, it can give you the perfect advantage if implemented wisely and ethically.

Tips time – try to maintain a ratio of 80:20 of do-follow backlinks

The Difference between On-Page & “Off-Page SEO”

First, know about “On-Page SEO” & then we will tell you about “Off-Page SEO

It is a process which you initiate on your web pages or within the website which helps your pages to be optimized for search engine robots. It is depending upon the optimization of your pages, images, content, HTML files, source code, website page speed, mobile versions, website design and much more.

Now, “Off-Page SEO

In simpler terms “Off-Page SEO” is a process of building quality Backlinks for your website with the help of other traffic rich websites. You have to initiate this process outside of your website and to get better rankings on SERPs your website should get more references or say backlinks from other high-quality websites.

What is Google PageRank and Alexa Site Rank and how does it affect Off-Page SEO?

Have you heard about it before?

Google Page Rank is something which can play a vital role in your webpage rankings on search engine. Google Page Rank is one of the best methods till that is used to determine a webpage relevance in comparison to other search engine algorithms such as Bing & Yandex.

Google search engine bots determine various factors before giving a rank to any webpage for its mobile & web search engines and it mainly evaluates two things on any webpage: first one is how many links there are to any web page from any other pages, and the second one is the quality of the sites which are linked with the domain.

With Google Page Rank, high-quality links from websites with high Page Rank would be given high priority by Google Bot, it is much higher than twice as many links from less reputable or a new hosted sites.

Page Rank is a score which Crawlers of Google gives to any webpage on a scale of 0 – 10 to any webpage which is hosted on a server. 10 is the highest rank in which only a few websites have achieved to date. Page Rank is an algorithm named after Google CEO “Larry Page“.

Other important factors which are affecting your page rankings on Google Search Engine –

  1. Age of domain name 1-2 years (it can help you to compete)
  2. No. of backlinks
  3. Quality of external backlinks
  4. Quality of content & Quantity (on page SEO) & age of content on the page.
  5. Domain authority (1-100 )
  6. Page authority (1-100)
  7. Total no. of do-follow & No-follow Backlinks
  8. Quality of Backlinks (More than 50 D.A.)- (P.A Is Totally depend upon the competition)
  9. Link Juice should be passing across all the pages of your website.
  10. Traffic on the website & pages
  11. Bounce rate & session duration (less than 40% & more than 2 minutes per page)

You can also check your current Page Rank given by Google’s Bot to your bot by clicking this link: http://checkpagerank.net/

off-page seo

How do Google Page Rank works?

Google Page Rank is important for Search Engine Optimization and it is basically a numeric value that represents how informative a web page is on the Internet and other search engines. Google search engine crawlers figure out that when a page is linked to another high-quality page if it is effectively casting a vote for the other page or not.

The more the high-quality link that is offered for a page, the more informative the page must be and it is helpful for Search Engine Optimization as well. Also, the importance of that webpage determines the quality of the link offered itself is. Google calculates a page’s importance from the links offered to it.

Google PageRank is Google’s way of deciding a page’s importance. It matters because it is one of the factors that determine a page’s ranking in the search results.

What is Alexa traffic rank?

Most of the beginners are worried about how to improve their Alexa traffic ranking.

we are here to tell you everything about Amazon Alexa traffic rankings.

For those of you who are new to Alexa or unfamiliar with the Alexa Rank, It is an estimation of your website’s popularity compared to all other sites available on the internet.

It’s a metrics that give you a complete insight on how your website is doing through calculating the popularity of your site.

Your site rankings are not only dependent upon your website monthly traffic but also on your competitor’s site traffic. Let’s say for example: Your competitor has a higher ranking then your website and is also generating a monthly site traffic of 1 Million users, and your website is having a lower ranking but your site is generating more than 1 Million users monthly, then Alexa Ranking’s algorithms will give your site more weightage as compared to your competitor’s website.

What makes Alexa Ranking’s so useful is its geographic dimension search algorithms which will register your website ranking not only on a global scale but also for every single country where your site has some trackable popularity. So that you can focus on optimizing your website authority in the countries that actually matter to you

“off-page seo guide” will help beginners like you to get more traffic on your blog.

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