Skype is one of the few popular messaging and communications services for Internet Professionals and Marketers. It doesn’t yet employ full end-to-end chat Encryption in Skype, but now it is going to change. Skype is also going to allow Private Conversations for all of its users which is coming following the announcement of an agreement between Microsoft and Open Whisper Systems (makers of the Signal app).

Chat Encryption in Skype

In collaboration with Signal, Microsoft is now introducing a Private Conversations which is End-to-End Chat Encryption feature in Skype, and it is powered by Signal Protocol.

Signal will make your private communication simple and be appearing within almost hundreds of millions of active users, Skype is one of the most popular professional chatting applications in the world which allows you to have text chat as well as video chats for free. Skype is providing one of the best video chatting quality and at we’re pretty much excited that Private Conversations in Skype will now allow more users to take advantage of Signal Protocol’s strong encryption feature for a more secure communication.

Chat Encryption in Skype

The Private Conversations feature is available now in preview for Skype Insiders.

Chat Encryption in Skype

What are Private Conversations on the new Skype?

Skype has recently launched Private Conversations which will give you enhanced security through End-to-End Chat encryption with an additional layer of security for conversations. and want to build a better communication between you and your friends and family. Private Conversations in skype can only be between you and one other contact. This is not supported in groups.

Send the Request to your favorite contact with whom you want to have a Private Conversation, and if the user has accepted your request you can start a private conversation with that user.

How to start a Private Conversation with the help of End-to-End Chat Encryption in Skype:

  1. Tap or click the + icon.
  2. Select New Private Conversation.
  3. Select your contact you’d like to start the Private Conversation with. Now, You will be taken to a new chatting page with them.
  4. Now, An invitation will be sent to your contact asking to accept your invitation. This invitation is valid for 7 days. If they do not accept before then, the invite will expire, and you will need to send the same invite again.
  5. Once the contact has accepted your request, your Private Conversation will be available on that specific device. and you’d like to move the conversation to a different device, you would need to resend the invitation to your contact.

How to Delete a Private Conversation in Skype

This will work the same as a regular chat does. You can Either right-click or tap and hold on the conversation and select the option Delete chat. To recover any of the previous Private Conversation which you’ve deleted earlier, start a Private Conversation with that contact again and you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.

How to End a Private Conversation in Skype

To end a Private Conversation, go to the chat header, scroll down and select “End Private Conversation”. You will receive a confirmation window to end the conversation. Select End Conversation. If you want to start another Private Conversation with this person, you will need to send a new invitation.

Unique Features of Private Conversation in Skype:

  • A Private Conversation will have a lock icon next to your contact’s name.
  • Preview messages from Private Conversations will not show in Chats or notifications.
  • Private Conversation capabilities are limited. You cannot edit a message or forward a file. From the chat window, only emoticons, files, and audio messages are available to send.
  • Private Conversations are specific to a device. A new invitation must be sent and accepted, to change to another device.

Private Conversations are available in preview for Skype Insiders only.

Chat Encryption in Skype

There’s (much) more to come

After launching Chat Encryption in Skype, Microsoft joins a growing list of organizations which includes WhatsApp, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Signal itself that have integrated the open source Signal Protocol into their messaging platform.

They are going to continue to advance the state of the art for frictionless private communication, in our own app, and in others. We’re excited about the future of Signal Protocol and the places it is going.

Updating Credentials

Microsoft has been the holdout when it comes to introducing chat encryption in Skype with all the other big chatting applications including Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google end-to-end chat encryption either by default or as an option.

In addition, if you’ve been using Facebook’s sign-in service to log into your Skype account – you’ll need to update your credentials as that mode of connection has been shut down

Wrap up – Microsoft Introduced Chat Encryption in Skype, we are sharing the post which will help you to implement Private Chats in Skype.

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