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Most Haunted Places in the world to Visit – Most Scariest & Terrifying

Haunted Places in the World

Haunted Places in the World

What will you do if you get a chance to visit the most Haunted Places in the world.??

Will you Accept the Challenge Or Will you Give Up..??

In this Blog, we are going to share the most Haunted Places in the world…!! You are now going to feel scary..!!   : twisted:

Have you ever thought About spending a night in the Haunted lunatic asylum.?

These are some of the most haunted and creepiest places in the world below you are going to find the Most Haunted Places in the world.

Haunted Places in the World

Weather You, believe it or not, we have something interesting for you and you cannot deny the fact that there is some sort of Paranormal Powers all around us. There are so many places around the world which are well known as Most Haunted places in the world.

There are so many places around the world which are well known as Most Haunted places in the world. We would like to share some of them with you, also we are challenging you to visit there and spend a night there.

1. Moundsville Penitentiary

Moundsville Penitentiary is a gothic style 200 years old prison which is situated in West Virginia and it has operational from 1876 – 1995 but now it has been converted into a Tourist attraction and training facility center. Unlike Most of the people, our sources have passed through the gates of one of the haunted place of the world.

Haunted Places in the World

The Elizabethtown Festival is held every May to celebrate and remember historic Moundsville prison, Also every Halloween season a haunted attraction called the “Dungeon of Horrors” is arranged. Many Paranormal Groups has declared it as one of the most haunted places in the world. There are various ghost stories since 1930 which are trying to originate the real ghost.

2. Trans-Lunatic Asylum

It’s a Mental Hospital, Located in the western state of United States which has a capacity for more than 250 patients and it is awarded as one of the most haunted places, it has also featured in various t.v shows.

Haunted Places in the World

This haunted asylum provides you to take a tour at there place, they different plans with different features. Book your tickets now and enjoy the lunatic asylum.

3. Villisca Axe Murder House

Its the talk of the year 1912, when a well-renowned family of 6 people was killed, the Moore family and two of there guests were founded bludgeoned in the great Moore Residence, All 8 people were killed with the axe and were similarly attacked on heads.

Haunted Places in the World

American investigating Agencies were having a lengthy investigation and found various suspects, but in the end, crime remains un-suspect. Its another haunted residence of the new universe. So many people have directed a Ghost story and try to define the paranormal activities.

4. Sammie Dean

Sammie Dean was born in Marie Juanita Loveless in the year 1892 in the beautiful town of Texas. Her mother was from Virginia “Jennie” Lee Ludwig, who married her first husband, William Kennington, in 1887. In 1891, Jennie married Oscar Loveless, with whom she had Sammie. Jennie found herself widowed once again when Landwermeyer died in 1905.

The family struggled to survive. Daughter Virginia eventually married; in 1910, she was living with her husband at his parents’ house on Bryan Street in Dallas. Jennie, Sammie, and Leo lived just a few doors down.

Sammie was no longer living with her mother and in fact does not appear to have lived in Dallas at all. Perhaps it was around this time that George Dean, said to be a gambler, swept Sammie off her feet.

In fact, Sammie disappears from record in Dallas for a good 10 years. Where, when and if she officially married Dean remains unknown, but when the census taker found them in 1920, the couple was living in Virginia and her family back in Dallas.

Theirs was truly a full house with Virginia, her husband Hugh, their three children, Hugh’s father, and brother, plus Sammie and Dean living there. The census lists George Dean as the proprietor of a cigar store.

After 1920, Sammie disappeared again.

A neighbor saw Sammie early that morning, but she didn’t answer the door when friends came calling around noon. Around 6 o’clock that evening, one Leo Portillo went snooping. Sammie’s front doors were locked, but the back doors stood wide open. Her room was ransacked. Sammie, bruised and mangled, lay dead from strangulation.

Robbery appeared to be the motive, for Sammie’s purse was empty and her gun was missing. Her valuable jewelry, however, was left untouched. This led investigators to believe there might have been another reason for her murder.

5. The Sultan’s Palace

You all might be thinking that the Sultan’s Place is in India and we should visit here once in a lifetime.

You are wrong…!

Explore it now….!

One man happened to wind up walking around the road, appreciating the fresh air when he left dead speechless. For streaming down the front strides of the Sultan’s Palace was blood; it kept running down like a waterway, pooling in the divots of the uneven stone.

Haunted Places in the World
Now its Le-pretre Mention

The Sultan himself had been covered alive

Who had submitted these unfortunate killings? Who was recolored by the blood of the dead? The appropriate response was never really found, in spite of the fact that Cops envisioned that the accuse lay at the feet of the sibling of the Sultan, whose body was never found.

The Truth About the Sultan’s Palace: Revealed

The myth told above is only one variant of numerous truth that is told about the Gardette-LePrete House/Sultan’s Palace. Gracious, the key parts dependably continue as before: LePrete moaning about his budgetary burdens, the Sultan’s collection of mistresses moved in, the throughout the night bashes, and the horrible murder which closes everything.

Haunted Places in the World
Sultan Palace in 1940

Be that as it may, is there any chronicled truth whatsoever to the legend?

Presumably not. There are no surviving daily papers accounts that our specialists can find that loans assurance to the story. Truth be told, the main specify of Sultans in the New Orleans daily paper are about those as yet living in the Middle-East.

Jean Baptiste LePrete kept living in this house until 1878. The main truth told in the legend manages LePrete’s money related troubles. In any case, by 1922, the legend of the mass slaughter had stuck, solidified completely when Helen Pitkin Schertz penned the story in her book, Legends of Louisiana.For better or more regrettable, the destiny of the Gardette-LePrete House was fixed.

In the year 1940, the New Orleans Academy of craftsmanship had taken up Sultan’s  home, however, was compelled to close not long after when an excessive number of its understudies were drafted amid World War II.

Haunted Places in the World
The Sultan’s Place Recent Images

After a substantial scale rebuilding, they changed the property into six autonomous lofts and it exists today, however under various possession, in any case. There have been reports of haunting s for over a century now from inhabitants and guests alike, and even past proprietors of the property have encountered paranormal movement a period or two.

Wrap Up: We dare you to visit some of these Haunted Places in the World and enjoy the fear of

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