Review: Secret Superstar Movie | Dreams May Come True |

Review: Secret Superstar Movie | Dreams May Come True |

This Diwali Season we have seen the two great movie releases of all time. First one is “Secret Superstar” and the other one is “Golmaal Again”.  At this time, We would like to share Public Opinion About the recently released Secret Superstar movie in which  Aamir Khan (Mr. Perfectionist) of Bollywood is playing a major role of a self – proclaimed Music Composer.

Secret Superstar Movie

So now Let’s Come to the Story of this Beautiful Movie and later on we will be sharing everything about Secret Superstar Movie.

Story Of Secret Superstar Movie

The Story of this movie revolves around a girl and his family, Secret Superstar is a story about the 14-year-old girl named Insiya, whose dream is to become a great singer and win awards for best singer. Her mother Najma supported her since her birth, she supported her and try to fulfill her dreams and aspirations.

She used to very talented and her mom gifted her a Guitar in the age of 6. She loves to play Guitar and was very unbeknownst to her friends and family Insiya with her talent, using the internet, becomes a Secret Superstar. Insiya’s father was a typical Indian Muslim father who is frustrated, orthodox and little more violent who shouts and as being an earning head of the family, he tries to dictate and he never wanted her daughter to start her musical career.
As a Result of this Insiya has decided to create a YouTube Channel and start recording and uploading her videos.

Slowly and steadily, Her YouTube Channel and her Videos getting viral and one of her friend Chintan (who loves her a lot) get to know about the Insiya’s Secret Superstar. Later On, her Videos get more views and likes. Insiya has now become a YouTube sensation and a Youth Singing Icon.

Shakti Kumar is one of the great music composers of his time and he discovers the Secret Superstar and he was pretty much impressed and get to know the real talent of Insiya. He then called Insiya and offered her to sing for a new album launch. Insiya was not able to decide and could not come to a final decision. Later on, when she has no-option left with her. She used to approach Shakti Kumar and ready on a proposal.


This Movie is showing the real emotional value and love for your mother.  The film at the end is a good, clean and shows the effort at narrating a very important and simple story but it suffers mainly due to the sluggish pace which is a result of the debuting writer-director’s inability or maybe his unwillingness to go into the depths of the relationships between a mother and daughter, emotions, and problems that he, it seems wanted to highlight.

Secret Superstar Movie

This is the very first Movie of a debuting Director Advait Chandan which will make you laugh, Cry and show the real sacrifice of your mother and at the end. Hopefully, you will give the best hug of your life to your mom. Its time for us to now share the other interesting facts about the movie.

Do You Know: Shakti Kumar Character in Secret Superstar Movie is Completely Inspired From Anu Malik

Secret Superstar Movie Collection: Worldwide

The Diwali Release of this year is facing a tough Competition from the Rohit Shetty’s “Golmaal Again” Not only in Indian Sub-Continent but abroad also, Secret Superstar is getting huge collections worldwide. After having a below average opening the movie is now doing a fantastic work.

In just 3 Days, Aamir Khan – Ziara Wasim starrer “Secret Superstar Movie” has done a trade of total ₹22.75 Crore. As we have Spoken to Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh and According to him ” Secret Superstar is doing Great is Metro Cities and other multiplexes Only”.

Secret Superstar Movie has been impressive on the 4th day at the box office as expected but now the movie has seen some amazing increment in the Fourth day box office collection of Secret Superstar well also the occupancy on various multiplexes across the country on Sunday has been recorded to be around 72% which is a very positive sign for the film.

Also, the worldwide collection of Secret Superstar movie is pretty impressive and it is expected to be around Rs. 14.8 Crores on the 4th day. Also, we are expecting the 1st Week collection of Secret Superstar is expected to be somewhere around Rs. 32.85 Crores.

Ratings and Other Information

The Secret Superstar Movie is released on 19th October with a total screen count of 2850 around the world.  Out of 2850 Screens, Secret Superstar is having more than 1750 screens in India and the rest 1100 screens are for rest of the world.

There is various Critique presented all around the world of the Internet. They are very Good and Selective at giving Rating and Reviews for Movies. Because of the slow pace and also this movie includes a very different topic, we would like to give this “Secret Superstar Movie” a Rating of 7.5 / 10

The movie is having a strong word-of-mouth promotion and audience is loving this Mother-Daughter relationship which is helping the film’s business.

Secret Superstar Movie

Movie Cast:

  • Directed by: Advait Chandan
  • Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) : Advait Chandan ( Screen Play)
  • Music By: Amit Trivedi
  • Cinematography by: Anil Mehta
  • Film Editing by Hemanti Sarkar

Complete Cast Of the Movie

Zaira Wasim Insiya
Meher Vij Najma / Insia’s Mother
Raj Arjun Farookh Malik / Insia’s Father
Tirth Sharma Chintan
Farrukh Jaffar (as Farrokh Jaffer)
Aamir Khan Shakti Kumar
Manuj Sharma Ranjeet
Mona Ambegaonkar Sheena Sabhawala
Shaan Himself
Monali Thakur Herself

Create Characters and Production Cast of the Film:

Akash Chawla co-producer
Aamir Khan producer
Sujay Kutty co-producer
Girish Patel line producer
B. Shrinivas Rao associate producer
Kiran Rao Producer

Other Crew Members:

Alaattin Cagil digital media partner
Vibha Chopra overseas distribution head
Shafi Khan ‘Making of’ Director
Sanya Malhotra choreographer
Vinit Masram associate creative
Shamath Mazumdar marketing head
Neel D. Mehta marketing manager
Adil Shaikh choreographer
Rohit Sharma script supervisor
Poonam Shroff creative project head
Gulshan A. Siddiqui creative executive
Ikramjit Singh marketing head
Rajeev Surti choreographer
Pranit Waykar distribution team


Right now we are concluding it with a remark. This festive season go watch the movie in your nearest theatre and boycott piracy. As we are very much assured that you and your family will definitely love this Movie. Its a complete dose of Love, relationships, sacrifice, and the Mother-Daughter duo will definitely make you cry. Also, this Movie is a perfect example of how your dreams come true if you have that passion and willingness to work hard to accomplish your dreams.

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