How to Use WordPress Blog Creator for Beginners

Wordpress Blog Creator

How to Use WordPress Blog Creator for Beginners

Wordpress Blog CreatorWordpress Blog Creator

How To Use WordPress Blog Creator For Effective Blogging? Do you know how to use WordPress Blog Creator for effective blogging..??

Let’s assume you know a little bit about WordPress Blog Creator..!

Are you frustrated of reading blogs about WordPress Content management system?

WordPress Blog Creator is a Content Management System & it is the world’s most used C.M.S. Platform till today & you will be amazed by knowing that WordPress is having more than 50,000 Plugins by which you can add awesome features & functionality to your website.

WordPress is also offering E-Commerce Website with every Platform like Woo-Commerce, Magento & PrestaShop.

WordPress blog creator is having more than 1,00,000+ Themes in different styles, format, and categories with all different features.

It is the best blog creator in the world which is providing free hosting on their Panel for all users around the globe.

Do You Really Wanna Know How to Use WordPress Blog Creator…??

If yes, then you are at the right website this blog is about WordPress Blog Creator

It is the easiest and most popular CMS of all time, Now there are several CMS but WordPress is still the Pioneer.

WordPress Is the easiest platform for Blogging and it allows you to add as many things as you can add.

Not only images, but you can also add anything you need like Lead Generation Forms, Add comments, Contact Forms and everything else you want to add.

We will tell you more about the themes and plugins below but first of all, you need to learn how to use WordPress Blog Creator.

Know, how to use WordPress Blog Creator

first, you have to install it and for that, you must start with a C-Panel, you can also use your own hosting or else you can build your website using any third-party web hosting’s it will be a cheaper and a not so useful option for you. But you can begin with it and later you can buy one for your website.

Now, after you have purchased the hosting you might have all the credentials with you and you can easily login into your C-Panel.

The very first section, you will find a Softaculous installer all you have to do is, click on it and install WordPress blog creator from it after this make sure you are installing it in the main directory and it should be left blank for this. Now once the installation is complete, you have to open “ “ in a new tab and insert Login Details which is in your registered email.

WordPress blog creator has a dashboard which is now in front of your screen, and the very first thing you have to do is select a fast, secure and a mobile-friendly theme for your blog. “ You can always Change your theme or you can also add your own theme” as well.

Once you have activated your theme it’s time to add some very Important Plugins which will help you to maintain Speed & Security of your WordPress website…!!

You should Install some very useful plugins they will ensure to fulfill all your needs like Site Speed, SecuritySEO and many more. We will later discuss this in detail, also wordpress website allows you to add end number of plugins but we do not recommend it because it can affect your site speed.

If you want to Insert an Image or a document just click on the “Add Media” Button you are viewing in this image:

Visual Editor

Wordpress Blog Creator

“Your Site must Have Contact usPrivacy Policy & Terms Of Use Pages” as per recommended by Google.

Creating all the required pages of your Website, It’s time to Define Categories.

Let me inform you Categories and Tags are the two different things, But we can convert Category into Tags by using an inbuilt converter provided by WordPress

Give Your Post an attractive title, Soo that it can engage Users who visit your site and they should find it worthy and interesting. “Your Post Title should be very Clear & Readable” Later we will share the trick and tactics of “how to make a user-attractive title and headings”.

After that here comes the content of your Blog Post, You have to write A very Interesting Blogs so that your user never gets frustrated with it & Make sure you are providing the correct Information to the user with proper facts.
“Always use wordpress blog creator with a 100% unique content because Google hates plagiarism

Doing all the required Blog Post you can publish it on your website and can share it on all Social Media with your Friends, Family, and anyone you know on this planet.

Make sure that you are making an interesting or informative blogging which has the potential to attract users. Also, you must focus on content and make it 100% plagiarism free, punctuation error free and easy to read.

Initially, you should not worry about users or blog traffic, it will take more than 2-3 months of time to get good organic rankings on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex

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