The Ultimate Guide To 16 Best Instagram Tools of 2018

Best Instagram Tools

Increase your productivity and your Insta profile with

the best Instagram tools

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Have you heard about the recent Instagram achievements.?

Past June, Instagram has crossed 1 Billion active monthly users surpassing Twitter and Facebook.

It has proved the potential of becoming a giant and it can also play a crucial role in your social media success

have you ever researched about the growing influence of bigger brands on Instagram.? It is possible with some of the best Instagram tools which provide you everything like daily insights, automation, analysis, latest trends and whatever you ask for.

what’s the first thing you find common in them?

You might have found that influencers are highly-engaging with the audience, especially their Instagram followers, It is useful for various brands and they easily bring more people for the final purchase.

Thanks to the growing user base and popularity, you all have played a crucial role in its success.

If you have an Instagram business profile or if you are planning to launch it sooner, some of these impressive Instagram tools of 2018 can help you a lot, but before that,

we would like to share the type of Instagram tools with you which will definitely gonna help you to grow faster.

Best Instagram Tools
There are 6 types of Instagram tools which will help you to grow faster

These best Instagram tools of 2018 are the most important ones for you and for your increasing social media presence to run a combat operation against your competitors in today’s social media war.

We have selected these 16 Tools of Instagram for you, They only believe in performance and delivery and their past performance defines it. Some of them might not be useful for your niche but we can assure you that if you use any of them it will increase your Instagram profile in any possible way. Don’t forget to share your views with us.

1. Combin– It has the potential to become your first savior, it is one of the best tools of Instagram which could help you to manage and grow organically with the help of genuine followers, likes, and comments. Its powerful search ability let you find the most interesting audience for you with the help of hashtags, location, competitors and commenters among your competitors.

Best Instagram Tools

Combin is one of the best Instagram tools for you, as it has the potential to grow your Instagram business profile organically. Combin is smart, quick and easiest way to grow all over the Instagram and is absolutely free for beginners.

2. Linktree– It is a free tool which can help you to drive more traffic to your website with the help of multiple links, whether you are a blogger, artist, video logger or even a YouTuber. This free tool adds more links in your profile without any hassle, by the way, Instagram is only allowing you to add only one link in your account and because of this influencer with a huge fan bare are unable to divert users onto their website.

Best Instagram Tools

    1. It can be an effective technique to help all your followers to stay updated with your updates, they can easily discover all your latest articles, events, guides, can also connect with you socially and much more.

3. Later – It helps you to visually plan and schedule Instagram posts for more than a week in a just half hour’s time so that you can focus on growing your fans and engagement on your Instagram profile. Later will provide you a visual content calendar, Plan your weekly feeds with Drag & Drop option and you can now schedule automatically to Instagram. It is one of the best Instagram tools of 2018 to auto-publish your Instagram posts.

Have you ever wondered? why it is known as one of the best Instagram tools for auto-posting?
Later help you to organize your photos and videos which you can manage from anywhere. Also, Last but not the least Later provides you with the option of finding and reposting user-generated content.

4. SoldSie
Do you want to start selling online? & looking for one of the best Instagram tools to start with?
s a small business owner or a startup, your initial goals are completely focused on making impressive sales and acquire a new customer. Social media platforms can help you to improve your sales numbers.

Best Instagram Tools
Soldsie is one of the Instagram tools for shopping which has been effective in generating sales and will also help you to grow your business.

How Soldsie Works

Soldsie has created an amazing way of increasing your social media followers. Here’s how it works:

◊ You post a photo of the item for sale. (Post Scheduling available).

◊ Your users (customer) simply need to comment “sold” on the item

◊ First-time buyers can register by clicking a link.

◊ Final Transaction completed

Soldsie Pros & Cons

Of course, there are no perfect Instagram selling tools and below we are sharing a few Pro’s that I’ve found while using Soldsie:

◊ Earliest support, highly effective and super extensive social media training.

◊ The interface is a little quirky. Not a user-friendly platform and you have to manually combine shipping costs for different transactions by a single user.

5. UpLeap – They are committed to helping you in the growth of your Instagram account, and they make it possible with the help of a dedicated account manager, smart tracking, easy setup, integrated tracking, real results, gain higher social media influence, save your precious time. Upleap has over 3000+ users, fast and easy to use.

How Upleap works.?

◊ Sign up for free -Start your free trial for a few days. Once you sign up, you’ll be asked a few quick questions and then you can get started!

◊ Get your integrated account manager – Once you’ve joined Upleap, they’ll pair you with a dedicated account manager to growing your Instagram account.

◊ Grow your social media accounts with real followers – Do a little bit of R & D about your type of followers relevant to your business page, and then sit back, relax and they will do the job done for you!

6. Planoly– You can visually plan and manage your Instagram posts, You can do various things from this mobile app like Planning, Scheduling Insta stories, Drafts, and a Shopping link. Planoly can be considered as one of the best Instagram tools for 2018 because it has the capability to provide you the metrics of last one year, You can discover interesting user-generated content from your community.

If we talk about the pricing, it is not disappointing for beginners, It has 5 different plans for fulfilling all your marketing needs.

7. Juicer – Are you planning to have your own social media feed.?Planoly can help you to create interesting Videos, Grids, and you can also get visual inspiration with the help of 1.000,000+ brands, business, Influencers, and community experts.

Juicer can help you with interesting features, easy to Install and integrate, and affordable pricing.

Best Instagram Tools

Juicer automatically aggregates your social media feed and share the new posts on your profiles. You can also design it beautifully easy to install social feeds on your site. Plus, you can set up filters, moderate posts and analyze your social media engagement within a single dashboard.

8. – Have you ever tried #hashtag marketing before, if yes then you might be aware of this awesome tool. Recently Facebook has decided to say goodbye to #hashtags this year.

Best Instagram Tools
It is a very easy to use hashtag tool and it can help you in many ways which can turn out to be very useful for your business and its social media presence. Stay updated with latest Hashtags for Instagram and Twitter.

9. Schedugram – It’s one of the finest Instagram management tools come up with simple pricing for all which charges you on the basis of your followers. It has everything you need to plan and create your Instagram profile.

Best Instagram Tools

If you want a visual planner for your profile, it will help you to design stunning Instagram grid layouts by showing you exactly what your posts will look like on an Instagram grid before you publish them.

It is made for balancing work and personal life by providing the Instagram scheduler which helps you to schedule your Instagram post and place everything in a queue.  You can save hundreds of hours by using this amazing tool.

Streamline your workflow with the help of Canva Integration, Video, Instagram Story, and Image Scheduling, Instant Support, handy mobile apps, Visual grid planner and much more.

10. Showcase – You can now turn on your Instagram gallery content and user-generated content into shoppable galleries for Instagram and for your online store, and let your customers shop directly from the posts. Harness your social media profile, engage more users, drive traffic to your website and get increased conversions.

How to make an Engaging & Intuitive gallery with the help of showcase?

At first, you have to link your Instagram profile. once your Instagram bio link is tapped, your followers can easily land on your site with a gorgeous, easy-to-use, shoppable gallery. showcase Instagram shoppable galleries are an engaging, interactive, and intuitive way for your followers to buy directly from Instagram.

Best Instagram Tools
It’s one of the best Instagram tools of 2018 due to several reasons.

◊ It will help you to increase product conversion

◊ You can tag multiple products in your Instagram gallery

◊ Embed your Insta gallery on anywhere on your website.

◊ Highly customized look and feel of your website with your own templates and CSS

◊ Share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, WhatsApp or via emails.

◊ They never charge you any commission on sales made through Instagram.

11. Kapwing – Kapwing is a perfect fit for video creation and editing for modern editors. It can be utilized to enhance digital storytelling in various ways. kapwing helps you to create and edit your Videos, GIFs, and Images. It has amazing tools which can help you to fulfill all your visual needs no matter what.

Kapwing provides you with various things which include Meme Maker, Add Subtitles, Montage Maker, Video Collage, Video Filters, Image to Video, Add Text to Video, Add Music to Video, Convert Video, Resize Video, Reverse Video, Loop Video, Trim Video, Rotate Video, Video Speed, Mute Video, Stop Motion Maker, Sound effects Maker etc.

Best Instagram Tools
Effective Pricing – Kapwing is free to use and all of its features are available for everyone. They are also providing the premium subscription for users who want to remove a small Kapwing watermark from their output video. It has proved itself to be one of the best Instagram tools of 2018 without any confusions.

12. INK361 –  Do you believe in deeper user insights & analytics.?
You can get interesting, actionable and useful insights for your Instagram profile, by using Ink361 you can also have deeper insights of your competitors and other brand leaders to grow your Instagram profile by engaging their audience.

Best Instagram Tools
Ink361 Dashboard

What else does it offer.?

Manage your Instagram account – Ink361 also helps you to manage your account, it helps you to engage, listen and know more about their interest. Apart from it, you can also keep a track of every reply to comments with powerful Instagram monitoring.

Analyze – As it defines, you can understand each and every detail of your users, you can track your account growth by the increased number of followers. Also, you can get deeper insights about your followers interest such as geographical details, age, likes and other interests.

Ink361 helps you to optimize your Instagram account with a clear view of stats for your posts, use of hashtags, interesting use of filters, total likes and comments.

13. Mulpix –  It behaves like your own advanced search engine for Instagram where you can discover end number of users, photos, and video with the help of multiple hashtags. One of the main function of Mulpix is to give you filters and display the most relevant results.

Best Instagram Tools
You will get helpful results immediately, one important thing you need to take into account is that Mulpix arranges the images into different sections according to their locations.

Another great feature of Mulpix is that it changes the way people think. Tags also play a crucial role in marketing because they connect the audience and the artists. Mulpix is truly one of the most valuable tools for marketers, advertisers, and influencers. With Mulpix, you get the actual essence of using Instagram.

14. Owl Metrics – As the name states, its all about metrics. A simplified, intelligent and real-time analytics for your Instagram Account. It will help you to grow your Instagram account organically with the help of interesting insights.

Best Instagram Tools

we would like to highlight its amazing features which are pretty much different from others and allows you to understand your audience, Keep a track of it and get deeper and personal insights.
It uses different algorithms that analyze historical performance of every post on your profile, Owlmetrics can help you the to identify perfect timing to share your content on Instagram, making it more likely that every post will perform optimally.

Owlmetrics also measures how content posted on Instagram Stories performs, helping users to get the most out of Instagram’s latest product and has become one of the best Instagram tools for complete insights.

Owl Metrics Pricing

It has the three interesting pricing for everyone, It has Starter, Advanced & Influencer and also provides you a 7-day free trial and you do not need a credit card for it.

Best Instagram Tools

15. UNUM – It’s the all-in-one tool for your help, you can illustrate your story in a completely different manner. With the help of UNUM’s open grid system, scheduling notifications and other amazing features you can have a complete control over your story to plan your Instagram feed.

It will save your precious time by pre-planning your posts, creating cohesive themes or campaigns, allowing you to grow your audience organically. You can visualize exactly how your Instagram feed would look like. UNUM is ready to overpass other best Instagram tools and is already behaving like your social media robots, but it’s not a bot.

Why we are highly convinced to choose UNUM

◊ Grid Shift – Shift your grid to see what your feed would look like when you posted your pictures.

◊ Phantom Mode 👻 –  It temporarily deletes your photos to see what your feed would look like.

◊ Hide Instagram Logo  Want to see what your feed will look like without the Insta Logo? Hide it now.

◊ Live Mode – Live Mode shifts the photo you just posted on Instagram into your Posted section on UNUM

◊ Multiple Accounts – It allows you to curate as many feeds as you need. You can add more accounts.

◊ Drag & Drop – This features give you more control over the move and shift photos with ease.

◊ Personalize Your Queue – It allows you to choose the different color scheme that works best for you when editing your theme.

We are still confused.! What else does it have.?

Why you should choose it as your social media helping tool?

◊ Upload to Your Queue
◊ Edit & Caption
◊ Rearrange
◊ Schedule Reminders
◊ Create Drafts

16. Top Tager – According to a study conducted last year, Almost 60% of business accounts use irrelevant hashtags or hashtags which are not so popular. Hashtags are one of the main features of any social media platform especially for Instagram to grow.
Best Instagram Tools
TopTager helps you with over 100+ hashtags for any keyword to grow your followers and likes on Instagram. It is one of the best Instagram tools for hashtags which helps you to get the most trending and popular hashtags with relevancy and popularity score

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Conclusion – In the end, I would like you to recommend these best Instagram tools for your profile. Instagram is changing every day and it has the potential to bring great ROI for your business

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