Blogging Tips: 65+ Best Blogging Ideas of 2018 for beginners

Best Blogging Ideas

Blogging Tips: 65+ Best Blogging Ideas of 2018

for beginners

Here are the 65 interesting, popular and best blogging ideas of 2018 that can actually help you to get more success!

While planning to start a blog you might be wondering what are some of the best blogging ideas, what are the topics can I start my blogs? In short, you need someone who can advise you over the selection of your first blogging niche. You can blog about anything and everything that exists. You just need to look in the right places for inspiration.

Before starting it, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Why do you want to write a blog?
  • Are you willing to give the time to it?
  • Whom are you writing it for?
  • What are your interests and hobbies?
  • What itches you to find more about?


“Best of” Blogging Ideas for beginners

Best of Blogs is something where you can share the best out of everything, It is something where you list down the things which you tested or tried before in different niche. For ex. you are an aspiring food blogger and have shared the food recipes with your audience with “Best food to try this vacations”.


Best Blogging Ideas

  1. Best Places to Party in the World
  2. Best Beers Blog
  3. Best Sports Photography and other Techniques
  4. Create Cool Sports Videos of your Favorite Teams
  5. Golf Hacks which are best for a reason
  6. Best Horseback Riding Tips and Tricks
  7. Some of the best blogging platforms
  8. Best techniques for Self Defense
  9. Skydiving and Base Jumping tricks
  10. Blog about your favorite Sports Team
  11. Software to Help Stop Bullying and Cyberbullying
  12. Best motivational speakers or writers
  13. The best place to find your Passion
  14. Best Blogging Ideas, Tools & Plugins
  15. Best of Internet & Social Media
  16. Finding an Incredible Career that Fulfills Inner you
  17. Health and Fitness Advice for Busy People
  18. Best Entrepreneurship Techniques for Beginners
  19. Top selling Books & authors in your Niche
  20. Best tips & tricks to master Network Marketing

Best Review Blogging Ideas of 2018

Sharing a review for many bloggers is a very big task, in order to bring in views and some money, they publish products reviews or services on the personal blogging sites. These  Reviews can be of anything from a favorite food to a favorite accessory or even a favorite mobile application.

Best Blogging Ideas

Most often these blogs are not monetized for their product reviews but in return, they are awarded a free product to try out. They are also expected to give their honest opinions about the product.

These best blogging ideas and tips will help you in how to write review blogs:

  • Information about what to include in reviews,
  • What type of photos to be used,
  • How to write disclosure notices,
  • And how to properly share your review posts using social media.

Find out some useful information about the topics which you can write reviews about:

  1. Share your views about best Travelling Destinations and Travel the World for free
  2. Music Trends and Playlist for the Party Environment
  3. Write a Review the about health and fitness gadgets
  4. Review Supplements and Their Claims
  5. Become an Actual Food Critique
  6. Bad Girl Fashion and Accessories Reviews
  7. Luxury Car Reviews
  8. Reviews about Facebook Apps you love
  9. Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing (review it)
  10. Try Different Religions for a Month and their Reviews
  11. Best Hotels to stay during your vacation
  12. Review the Latest Products and Gadgets for Parenting (Positive Parenting).
  13. Sunglasses Styles and Trends
  14. Share your views about the latest share marketing ebooks and lessons.
  15. Review Men’s Lifestyle and other Accessories
  16. Review Strange Technology Products Nobody Knows About
  17. Rate Netflix Movies and Shows
  18. Gaming Blog – Reviews and throw something bad on games you dislike
  19. Use and Review Mobile Applications
  20. Review Fashion Trends and Apparel


Learning’s & How To’s Blog Ideas of 2018

Best Blogging Ideas

You should teach others what you wish you were taught. Also, have you ever Googled something and wish other people should also know about it? Why not you write an educational or informative blog post about it? It will so many youngsters to grow and fetch information Also, If you are an experienced professional in your vertical then you can share your expertise about it with a larger audience.

  1. How to Get the Perfect Sleep Every Night
  2. How to Have More Charisma
  3. Start an Online Photography School and share all guides
  4. Learn How to Play The Guitar
  5. Blog About How to Become Instagram Influencers
  6. Learn How to Play ANY Instrument
  7. How to choose a Blog Niche
  8. Building an iPhone Application from Scratch
  9. Learn a New Language in 3 Months
  10. How to Become a Better Writer
  11. How to become Mom Blogger with an Attitude
  12. Dog Blog – (Doug the Pug makes over 1 million a year)
  13. Art Advice for Young Professionals
  14. How to become a famous Rockstar & an Internet sensation
  15. Recipes for Young Professionals Become a Food Blogger
  16. How to Get Perfect Radiant Skin
  17. Teach Marketers About Pinterest
  18. Study Hacks for Being a Successful Student
  19. How to Get the Perfect Yard
  20. DIY Projects, DIY Business and Selling Homemade Items
  21. How to Conquer Fears and Self Doubts
  22. Create an infographic on a topic that interests you.
  23. How to shot your first video tutorial?
  24. Write a guest post to gain more traffic on your blog
  25. How to create a quiz to engage your audience

We hope that these 65+ Best Blogging Ideas will definitely help you to get started with your blog. As a matter of fact, There are so many bloggers out there who produce excellent content. But, Their blogging approach is completely different, out of the box and it is what makes them extraordinary

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