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Microsoft Introduced (Swift key 7.0) – It comes to Android & IOS keyboard apps

Microsoft Introduced (Swift key 7.0) it comes to Android and iOS keyboard apps Yesterday, Microsoft Introduced SwiftKey 7.0, and it became one of the biggest updates since joining Microsoft in April 2016. It is now Available for both Android and iOS, SwiftKey 7.0 debuts Toolbar, an expandable menu found under a new ‘+’ sign on the left of your prediction bar. This Intelligent toolbar is designed to give you an amazing, fast and easy to access for both new and existing features. For Android users, Toolbar will replace the existing Hub. while you tap on the ‘+’ button it will reveal not only the…

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Google Assistant is now Available on (Apple iPad)

Google Assistant is now Available on (Apple iPad) Last year Google introduced Assistant to iPhones and now, Apple iPads are joining the team as well. The Google Assistant on Apple iPad can do everything which your Assistant on your iPhone can do, with the added benefit of a bigger screen that supports both portrait and landscape mode. Here are some highlights of how the Google global Assistant can help on your iPad while you’re hanging around the house: Set the mood by having the Assistant “dim the lights” Cast to…

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