How to conduct a competitive social media analysis?

Know your market through social media Hootsuite publishes a guide to help you analyze your competitors through their social media presence. By viewing your market through this channel, your view is more accurate. Just as you may have different competitors depending on your product and range, you may have different competitors depending on the social networks. Some will be very

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Facebook banner format: dimensions and sizes!

The first impression consumers have of a brand is always a visual one. That's why internet users who land on your Facebook page look at your cover photo first. Taking up almost a quarter of the screen, this banner plays a fundamental role in the perception users have of your company/brand, activity or products/services. Whether you're using this social network

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What are the latest LinkedIn search trends?

Slightly behind Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn is also one of the most used social networks in the world. Rather popular in the professional sphere, it is mainly distinguished by its characteristics, including the simplification of search. It is for this reason that many professionals and companies are active on this popular social network to look for prospects. Plus, LinkedIn just

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Optimize your positioning on Google with the best tools

THE SEO tracking is an essential step in ensuring the success of

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Daringbadi – Kashmir of East India

DARINGBADI – KASHMIR OF EAST INDIA Daringbadi – Kashmir of East India

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What is an interactive display, a key meeting tool?

Interactive screens allow you to do much more than see the person

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SEA tool to perfect your strategy

In today's world of online marketing, companies are constantly looking for new

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How To Rebrand Properly

We have already talked about branding , which forms a positive image of the

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Optimize your SEO strategy!

Contrary to SEA (Search Engine Advertising) uses advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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Discover Google’s AI-powered chatbot

The war of artificial intelligence begins. THE buzz Surrounding ChatGPT-3 since it

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What is data visualization? definition

Who hasn't stared for hours at an unreadable Excel spreadsheet overloaded with

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Google algorithm updates in 2023

Working in the area of ​​SEO and especially in natural reference At

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Global Coronavirus Cases





More Information: Covid-19 Statistics

3 good reasons to use interactive display to improve business performance

Do you still use the good old whiteboard in the classroom or the flipchart in the business? There's a much better way to encourage attention and liven up your presentations:

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