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Exclusive: Google is Rolling Out (Mobile First Indexing)

Exclusive: Google is Rolling Out (Mobile First Indexing) Are you Ready? Google has Recently announced mobile first indexing after a year and a half of careful experimentation and testing and they have started migrating sites that follow the best practices for mobile-first indexing. According to Google Webmaster Blog They are planning to change…

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Cambridge Analytica Internet Of Things 

Facebook is finally suspending Cambridge Analytica & SCL Group

Facebook is Suspending Cambridge Analytica & SCL Group Yesterday, Fb Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced measures which fb is taking to better prevent & securing it’s users data, there are given reports that Cambridge Analytica may still be in possession of Facebook user data that was improperly obtained. Protecting people’s database is the most important…

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swiftkey 7.0 Internet Of Things 

Microsoft Introduced (Swift key 7.0) – It comes to Android & IOS keyboard apps

Microsoft Introduced (Swift key 7.0) it comes to Android and iOS keyboard apps Yesterday, Microsoft Introduced SwiftKey 7.0, and it became one of the biggest updates since joining Microsoft in April 2016. It is now Available for both Android and iOS, SwiftKey 7.0 debuts Toolbar, an expandable menu found under a new ‘+’ sign on the left of your prediction bar. This…

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Mobile World Congress 2018 Tech Talks 

Mobile World Congress 2018: (Highlights – Latest trends, updates & launches)

Mobile World Congress 2018: (Highlights – Latest trends, updates & launches) If you missed Mobile World Congress 2018, you literally missed a lot! Are you curious about exactly what you can expect from a Mobile World Congress or just want to relive #MWC18, below you can discover how we’re focused…

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