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(Snap Smart Spectacles) – Snapchat is planning to release 2 new spectacles

Snap Smart Spectacles: Snapchat is planning to release 2 new spectacles

Snap Inc. is working on launching a new second version of its Spectacles this year followed by a more advanced third version which will have two cameras in 2019.

The second version of Spectacles is being manufactured with the goal of shipping by this year.

Aside from being water-resistant and available in new colors, the updated camera eyewear will focus on performance improvements and bug fixes and not dramatic changes.

Snapchat has told that it has lost around $40 million on its much-touted original product by selling only 150,000 pairs and leaving hundreds of thousands of glasses unsold.

But Snap will not give up here, they are coming up with an updated version of snap smart spectacles. The company has also begun work on a more advanced, third generation of Spectacles with a new design and a built-in two cameras feature.

Snap smart spectacles specifications

It is designed with an aluminum design with more circular lens frames that would allow for 3D-like depth effects in videos.

Snapchat is strictly considering to include a built-in GPS and a leather case, as well as a potential price tag of somewhere around $300, which would be more than double the current $130 cost for first Spectacles.

Snap Smart Spectacles

Snapchat has already missed internal deadlines to launch its advanced spectacles. Besides selling Snap Smart Spectacles, Snapchat Inc. has in recent months considered partnering with outside companies to place its cameras on their glasses.

Snap has discussed the idea with the American eyewear giant Luxottica and its smaller rival Warby Parker.

Snap Smart Spectacles

Snap Inc. intends for future versions of Snap smart Spectacles to merge AR capabilities, most likely integration will be Snapchat’s virtual Bitmoji avatars and animated lenses which nearly every major tech company, from Apple to Facebook, is working on similar AR eyewear.

For now, snap smart spectacles can only record video clips and send them to the Snapchat app. While the planned third generation of the glasses will allow for more immersive, 3D-like video by adding a second camera to the frame, technological hurdles will likely keep Snap from adding true AR capabilities for the next couple of years.

Snap Smart Spectacles

A Snapchat patent filed in 2015 details how the company could use eyewear with two cameras to learn the user’s position and show virtual objects in the real world.

The Snapchat is currently planning is to ship its snap smart spectacles by the third quarter of 2018, but the release could be pushed back again.

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