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Acquire new donors and make donations simple with Alexa Donations

Acquire new donors and make donations simple with Alexa Donations

Amazon recently introduced Alexa Donations with Amazon Pay, a very new feature for its smart assistant tool which is making giving as easy as talking and also allows users to donate any amount between $5 and $5,000 to the charity which you volunteer.

Amazon Pay offers a seamless and a smart donation experience by using the information already stored in your donor’s Amazon account and you can easily pay by just asking the smart home assistant device.

All the payments are digitally handled via Amazon Pay using the credit/Debit card which you have integrated with Amazon pay for purchases on the site.

Alexa Donations

When you ask Alexa to make a donation, you’ll receive information about the charity you’ve chosen to donate to in the Amazon Alexa app.

She’ll also walk you through the process, with a few safeguards in place to confirm that yes, you do want to make that donation.

For now, Amazon only has 50 charities you can donate to, but that list is “just the beginning”. By making the donation experience secure and trustworthy, you are able to raise more, because your supporters can focus on moments of giving, one voice at a time

Check out the Complete list of Charities here

Some of the charities available now include The American Cancer Society, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the American Heart Association.

Amazon also shares your name and address as well as your email with the charity (a detail Alexa also tells you before completing the transaction) so the charity can stay in touch afterward.

Make fundraising seamless through voice by offering an effortless experience for donors

You can Reach New Audience

  • Acquire new donors by tapping into the expanding Alexa user base
  • Tens of millions of customers own an Alexa today in US & worldwide

Make your Donations Easy

  • Donating is now as easy as talking, to help you raise more funds
  • We make it easy for donors to give when they want to

Simplest Integration with your charitable website

  • Any kind of Alexa skill development or technical expertise is not required to set up and enable donations through voice.
  • You just have to sign up for Amazon Pay to enable a new way of fundraising with Alexa Donations.

Amazon Pay fees for charitable organizations

Transaction fees for Alexa Donations

Alexa Donations

Amazon Pay fees for charitable organizations are transaction-based and have a processing and authorization component.


The transaction fee is composed of a domestic processing fee of 2.2% and an authorization fee of $0.30, plus tax where applicable, charged when the donation is successfully authorized and processed.

Donation amount

Domestic processing fee: 2.2%

Authorization fee: $0.30

Total transaction fee





Authorization fee

The $0.30 authorization fee, included in the total transaction fee described above, will be collected when the donation is successfully processed or when a successful authorization that has not been captured is closed or expires.

Cross-border processing fee

If you receive payment from a payment method issued outside of the U.S.,

They will levy a 3.2% cross-border processing fee and the authorization fee as described above, plus all tax wherever applicable.

Donation amount

Cross-border processing fee: 3.2%

Authorization fee: $0.30

Total transaction fee





Disputed chargeback fee for Amazon Alexa Donations

If you request to dispute a chargeback claim that is not covered under our Payment Protection Policy (see section B6 of the Amazon Payments Customer Agreement), They will assess a fee of $20.00 plus tax where applicable.

Refunds of transaction fees

If a refund takes place, you will also be refunded the following transaction fees, as applicable:

  • The domestic processing fee (for example, the 2.2% fee)
  • The cross-border processing fee (for example, the 3.2% fee)

Please note that the Authorization fee and Disputed chargeback fee are non-refundable.

Don’t forget to help Charities across the globe with the help of Alexa Donations

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