Bye Bye Tango – Google Finally Decided to Shut its first AR Project

Bye Bye Tango – Google Finally Decided to Shut its first AR Project

Its been 4 Years since Google has started working on AR (Augmented Reality). Now Google’s all-new Augmented Reality project  (ARCore) is live and functioning it has decided to kill Tango – the very first, the very big Augmented Reality project from Google.

It was first introduced in the year 2014 and Tango helped you with various problems such as position tracking with lots and lots of other hardware. It uses Computer vision to enable mobile devices, it also allows developers to create better user experiences, 3D Mapping, physical space measurement, environmental recognition and AR with windows into a virtual world.


Project Tango was an attempt to bring the extreme benefits of AR to mobile devices, Good AR always need the best device to have a more clear and enhanced understanding of its surroundings, the extra devices doesn’t make Tango that much effective and which leads to errors and crashes in the first Tango enabled Devices such as Lenovo phab 2 Pro and the ASUS ZenFone AR.

Google ARCore – what’s that..?? 😯ARCore

As it name defines, Google is planning to move forward with its new Augmented Reality platform. As Augmented Reality is a powerful way to bring the Real and  Digital world together. ARCore will help us to keep everything around us, Google has been working on Augmented Reality since 2014 and probably they have learned from there mistakes this time. ARCore is fast, Performant and has Android scale SDK that enables high quality augmented reality, whereas Tango needs special hardware.

Now Developers can experiment with ARCore,  ARCore also powers AR Stickers on the Pixel camera, which has recently launched earlier this week and it lets you add interactive AR characters and playful emojis directly into photos and videos to bring your favorite stories to life.

If you’re a pro developer or a beginner which is interested in AR, now’s the only time to start experimenting the new ARCore. In the coming months, they will also launch ARCore v1.0, with support for over 100 million devices. And soon, many augmented reality experiences will be available in the Play Store. We are very excited to see what you create.

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Google has Announced this in the tweet and they quoted:

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