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Why Google has removed the View Image Button on Google Image Search

Google has removed the view Image Button on Google Image search

You might be thinking why Google has Removed its one of the most renowned feature “View Image Button” while searching for an image.

Thankfully we have got a solution for this..!

Google is not having any kind of strategy or plans behind removing its popular feature from image searches they are doing it due to some legal challenges.

Back in 2016, Getty Images has filed a case against Google to stop piracy and copyright infringement on the Internet world. Google compromised with Getty Images and has decided last week to disable its ‘View image button’ from its image search results that would directly open the file in a new tab.

Google has makes Getty happy, however, has made the rest of the internet angry, and searchers haven’t been shy about expressing their outrage about the change.

Now, techy-guys has plans for it and leading from the front and developing several Google chrome extensions to bring some of those chrome interesting features back.

View Image Button
google image search button

Here’s how to do it in Chrome & Firefox Browser

All you have to do is search for the “View Image button” extension page on the Chrome web store and then

Next, click the add to Chrome button to start the installation, and then click the Add extension button when prompted.

That’s it – test it out for yourself by searching for an image as you normally would, and you should see the View Image button back in its rightful place in-between the Visit and Share buttons.

There might be possibilities Google may remove the extension so it will be more beneficial for you to be quick. Also, if you use firefox instead of chrome then you can also use browser extensions to bring this amazing feature.

Firefox users can also start by visiting the View Image button add-on page.

Next, install it the same way you’d install other extensions by clicking the Add to Firefox button.

Then confirm it by clicking the Add button when notified.

we are sharing three most used Chrome extensions which you can use to return your favorite “View Image Button” and “Search by Image” buttons to your Google image search results interface:

  • Joshua B made one that he says re-implements the Google Image search and created “View Image buttons.”
  • Chovanek made one that claims to “brings the view image button back in google image search results.”
  • devunt made one that he said will “make view image button great again.”

(Note: This isn’t an endorsement, as we haven’t tested them myself.)  we are pretty much sure more of these extensions will pop up for many browsers over the next few days, given the reaction to the change Google made last week.

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