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Microsoft Introduced (Swift key 7.0) – It comes to Android & IOS keyboard apps

Microsoft Introduced (Swift key 7.0) it comes to Android and iOS keyboard apps

Yesterday, Microsoft Introduced SwiftKey 7.0, and it became one of the biggest updates since joining Microsoft in April 2016. It is now Available for both Android and iOS, SwiftKey 7.0 debuts Toolbar, an expandable menu found under a new ‘+’ sign on the left of your prediction bar.

This Intelligent toolbar is designed to give you an amazing, fast and easy to access for both new and existing features. For Android users, Toolbar will replace the existing Hub.

swiftkey 7.0

while you tap on the ‘+’ button it will reveal not only the features and settings you’ve come to know and use on your SwiftKey Keyboard, but it will also reveal exciting and interesting features available in the latest update. The Android platform includes funny Stickers which gives you even more ways to express yourself beyond words.

You can also add Stickers to your messages as they are, or edit them to add your own style and personality to a message. Swiftkey 7.0 allows you to save your favorite Stickers on Swiftkey – edited or otherwise – and you can access them later in Collections, found by tapping on the ‘pin’ icon on the Toolbar.

They’ve got exciting plans exclusively for Microsoft Sticker packs that will be coming to SwiftKey 7.0 very soon. Keep an eye out, new features and Sticker packs will be found on Toolbar!

They’ve also got two other new features that are coming real soon: Location sharing (available to US and India), which makes it easy to insert the address of a nearby location in a message, and Calendar sharing which lets you insert a calendar appointment with a couple of taps.

Location sharing adds to our robust set of features developed for Indian users. With today’s release, SwiftKey 7.0 is also introducing 8 new ‘Lish’ languages: Assamese (English), Bengali (English), Kannada (English), Malayalam (English), Marathi (English), Nepali (English), Odia (English), Telugu (English).

swiftkey 7.0

A ‘Lish’ language is completely a hybrid language which allows people to switch seamlessly between languages, in this case, English and Indic languages.

In total, SwiftKey 7.0 now offers a compatibility for over 40 Indian languages as well as transliteration and other layout options.

Today’s new features complement SwiftKey 7.0, its typing features which you rely on since ages for fast and easy typing: smart autocorrect, Flow and next-word prediction.

Now you’ll also have the access to interesting GIFs, Stickers, Settings, Themes, Clipboard and more, bringing the same fast and easy typing to rich media too.

To try out Swiftkey 7.0 Toolbar and other new features, update your old SwiftKey now for Android or SwiftKey for iOS now.

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