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How Apple iWatch 3 Has the Potential to Beat Apple iPhone x

How Apple iWatch 3 Has the Potential to Beat the Apple iPhone x

Welcome to TheBlogz, In today’s Edition, we are going to share an amazing Review of the all-new Apple iWatch 3 which has just recently launched on 29th September. We hope you will enjoy it. As you all are aware of Apple has Introduced the 3rd Edition of Its Super Smartwatch. We Know you might be confused and cannot take a call on whether to buy it or not.


This year Apple has not only introduced its premium segment iPhone X but also it has Introduced its ultimate device which will make your life healthy. Apple has launched the third version of iWatch 3 which is smart enough, sexy enough, stylish enough and it will help you to get elevated in every way.

It is compatible with all Apple products and services.Apple watch is consolidated with Fitness tracking as well as all health-related functions. Its manufactured by in contract with Quanta Computers and various other interesting stuff.

It also runs on the most advanced version of watches named as “watchOS”.  Apple watch comes in the different version of Os and in different variants according to their series. We will discuss it further below. Stay Tuned.

It will Take Your Workouts Further & You can Workout More Aggressively

The Apple Watch 3 generation is the device which is available in four amazing variants: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Hermas, and Apple Watch Edition; each of these variants is distinguished by different combinations of cases and first or third-party interchangeable bands.

Also, Apple Watch relies on a wirelessly connected iPhone to perform many of its default functions such as calling and texting. It is compatible with the iPhone 5 or later models running IOS 8.2 or later, through the use of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The goal behind introducing the third version of Apple Watch was to enhance the uses of an iPhone by using the latest technology. The Apple Watch works smoothly by connecting via Bluetooth to the phone and accessing any Watch compatible apps stored on the mobile device.

Apple iWatch 3

Specifications of the new Apple iWatch 3

Are you excited to know more about Apple iWatch 3, hold your arms and sit tight, There are so many interesting features. So let’s Start.

In the Beginning, we would like to share some interesting facts about this smart and enhanced heart rate counter app. Also, Now you can enjoy your playlist on your wrist and it will help you to stay motivated with your favorite playlist.

The watch includes a “digital crown”, which can also be turned into a scroll or zoom button and if you press it smoothly it will take you to the home screen, and a touchscreen that is having a Force Touch technology, which makes it pressure-sensitive and capable of distinguishing between a tap and a press.

The watch also has a side button which can be used to display favorite contacts and access Apple Pay. Apple Inc and Other Technocrats has rated the battery of Apple iWatch 3 will be 18 hours with mixed usage.

You can charge your Apple iWatch 3 by means of inductive charging, using a cable similar to the MagSafe cable from Apple’s MacBook family of laptops.

Apple iWatch 3

Which device is not supported by Apple iWatch 3

Well quite obviously, it is very much compatible with latest versions of iPhones iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. But we are very much disappointed to share that it does not work on Apple iPad.

Tim Cook The CEO of Apple Inc has admitted in an Interview that they are focusing on the looks and design of the Watch since a long time, as they want it to be more than a high-tech savvy watch, hence the iWatch is rather good-looking, sleeker than its competitors, has a smooth mirror finish and a distinctive black steel shine.

Some special features of Apple iWatch 3 and you will be amazed

Apple iWatch 3 offers you various features and you can reply messages via dictation or an animated emoji. It can also send auto-generated responses, for which it gives you options based on the content of the message.  

Apple iWatch 3

To demonstrate its extra special functions during the presentation, Apple’s VP, Technology – Kevin Lynch has sent a drawing of a fish to a friend to ask him if he wanted to get sushi for lunch. That’s not all. You can also send your tracked heartbeat to a friend. Cool, isn’t?

Some More Interesting features of Apple iWatch 3

Apple has renamed this watch as a comprehensive health and fitness device. Well, maybe it is! It can count the total number of calories which your body has burned during the day, it will track your heartbeat and count your steps and how much activity you’ve done throughout the day.

It is beautifully designed to learn about the wearer and will suggest you some decent fitness goals. The information on the Watch syncs with the app on the iPhone, helping you keep track of your progress. Not Only this but Apple iWatch 3 is having :

  1. All – Day Assistant
  2. Siri is smarter and Faster than ever
  3. All kind of faces are customizable
  4. Its Notifications will never let you miss what  matters a lot
  5. Stylish and elegantly designed Straps for Apple iWatch 3

Apple iWatch 3

Apple iWatch 3 has a new notification feature

Apple iWatch is having an amazing vibration code which will vibrate to alert you about a notification, following which, you can raise your wrist to turn on the screen to take a look at said notification.

This is not only a battery saving trick but also allows navigation without talking or even looking at the iWatch. With the use of vibrations to get the message across, one type of vibration will mean left, while the other means right.

Apple Pay Now on Apple iWatch 3

Apple has unveiled the Apple Pay feature for its Apple iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch Users. It’s the “Wallet, without the wallet.” All the facilities of Apple Pay are now available on the Watch. So, gone are the days of searching for the right card in your wallet, a single click can make your payment easier than ever.

All you need to do is enter your card details on Apple Pay, or you can just click a picture of your card. Once the card verification is done, you can use your Apple iWatch 3 for any type of payments and by holding it up at the counter for the reader to read.

You then use your fingerprint to confirm payment.The best thing is your ID, card details and password aren’t saved anywhere on the server to avoid any kind of fraud.

But the biggest drawback of Apple iWatch is that Apple Pay only works for Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Many big companies like McDonald’s, Disney and Subway have introduced this latest technology.

Apple iWatch 3

With the launch of the Watch introduced were apps like Twitter, Nike, Pinterest, Music, Photos and airline notifications. It also helps you to locate your car and it can unlock your room in just a simple click. 

We are pretty much sure after purchasing Apple iWatch 3, There is no need to buy Apple iPhone x and this smartwatch can make your work easier and better. 

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