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What is SEO..?

What is SEO..?
Does Anyone knows it..?
Have you Heard About It Before.?
Do You Want to Become a Pro..?

What is SEO..? Don’t Worry Folks TheBlogz.in will help you to know A, B, C, D of SEO….

SEO is Something Which No One Can Define Properly, It’s the real boss of Internet and its the Father of Marketing (Mother is Content), SEO have two children one is named as On-Page SEO & second is Off-Page SEO, they both are Twins with equal effects, SEO is incomplete without both of this.

First of all, I will Start With SEO,  Meet him this is SEO and it stands for (Search Engine Optimization), it is a process of Optimizing the Site & Content according to the Search Query. We must Optimize our content According to the keywords which are gaining high traffic in the search engine.

SEO is the only technique in the Internet World to get Organic Traffic for your Website, Blog or E-Commerce.

There is a tough competition for Seo in Market, everyone wants to rank higher in the search engine.

It is a Long-term process and will take 3 to 6 months to show concrete results on the search Engine.
But, It will help you a lot to generate Organic and Quality traffic for your Website.

What Is SEO..??

On-Page SEO

It is a technique which is done on the front-end site, It is a process of Optimizing every single Webpage of a website in order to rank higher in the search engine. So, Now On-Page Contains so many types of parameters:

  1. Indexing – It is Done with the help of Webmaster Tool, you can use Google Webmaster tool for Indexing your site in Google.
  2. Keyword Placement and Optimization – You have to Optimize your Focus Keyword and Also Place 2% of your focus Keywords in your content.
  3. Title Tag – Use a Title for your Content and it should contain your Focus Keyword.
  4. Meta Description – Meta Descriptions is a Small Snippet which is visible in the Search Engine and it has a limit of 160 Characters Only. You can use it as a Short Description about your Content.
  5. Header Tags – You should Heading tags in your Content and you can use H1, H2, H3 tags.
  6. Content Optimization – You should Optimize your Content with your Focus Keyword, Use Alt Text in Every image used in the content, You should make it Readable, You should write Unique Content and Boycott Plagiarism, Your character limit for the content should be more than 500.
  7. Internal Linking – You must use Internal Links in your content so that your user should not exit your website, without reading the content, Internal Linking effects a lot in the modern Seo.

OFF – PAGE SEO (Backlinking)

Off – Page SEO is a technique which is used for creating backlinks on the third party websites, Off-Page is also known as Backlinks, It gives a proper weightage to the main site and there are two types of Backlinks

  1. Do-Follow Backlinks – This type of backlinks create Link Juice for websites and are very much useful for Website, Robots can easily crawl this type of backlinks
  2. No-Follow Backlinks – They do not create any kind of Link Juice and the search engine Robots doesn’t crawl the URLs which are having the No – Follow Tags.

Off – Page will play the role of Big Brother and will show you some concrete results. Backlinking can be done in various ways, But it is not the Right time to discuss everything.

On-Page and Off-Page are done together and this process is known as SEO, As it’s just the A (beginning) of SEO, the whole family has to come, SEO is having so much to Learn and understand, It is a never ending process, We will tell you more about this SEO Family soon. Keep Visiting Us..!!

Because we believe in Slow and steady wins the race….!!

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