10 Useful Tools to Grow Your Blogs Online in WordPress

10 Useful Tools to Grow Your Blogz

Are you new to Blogging?

you seem a bit confused about the selection of Tools which will help you to grow your blogz online.

No need to worry, we are here to help you. Below we have shared the in-depth tool guide which will help you to grow your blogz.

Yoast Seo

10 Useful Tools to Grow Your Blogz

Yoast SEO it’s one of the best plug-in used for SEO in WordPress and it is the only tool in this category which is free, otherwise, every other tool is paid in this category. This tool helps us to do On-Page SEO. It will help you to add Focus Keywords, Meta Tags, Title, Meta Descriptions and it also tells us about the readability of a content, which helps you to improve the content.

Sumo Me

10 Useful Tools to Grow Your Blogz

It is not just the Lead Generation Tool, which helps us to generate leads in so many ways it is more than that, In Free version it provides some Features, But if you choose the Pro version, You will be successful in generating leads very easily and with fewer efforts, In free version it does not provides all kind of templates, features, and customization. It is having so many inbuilt apps which help you to do more changes.

10 Useful Tools to Grow Your Blogz

By using this tool, we can generate leads in so many ways:

1. Welcome Mat

2. Pop-Ups

3. Subscription Bar

4. Integrations

5. Content Analysis

6. Image Sharer

7. List Builder

8. Contact Form

9. Heat Maps

10. Highlighter

Huge IT Slider

10 Useful Tools to Grow Your Blogz

It is a tool which makes your site more Attractive, you can make carousel images, Image slide, Video Slides, Post slides so that your audience can view your post in a more attractive way.

You can adjust Your own Effects, Slider Size & much more. Its a free tool and bloggers those who have portfolio site, photography, travelling, food website should always use this tool to make your blog more attractive. It one of the way which will help you to grow your blog traffic.

10 Useful Tools to Grow Your Blogz

Monster Insights Widget

10 Useful Tools to Grow Your Blogz

As Analytics is the most important part of online Business or media, Monster Insights can you help in a drastic way.

It gives you the complete Insights of your Post, Page & Website. It shows you the data of Top Traffic Sources, Top Pages & You can view the Traffic sources coming from different countries.

It will also help you to understand your audience and gives you the complete stats about your users.

10 Useful Tools to Grow Your Blogz

Constant Contact

This is a Plug-in which is used by more than 1 million people, It is used for creating different types of contact forms, you can easily add different fields in it by using drag & drop options & It is a free tool.

10 Useful Tools to Grow Your Blogz

Sucuri Security

10 Useful Tools to Grow Your Blogz

Site security is a must when you are trying to sustain in the online world.

It is a Plug-in used to prevent your site from hackers; it will help you in so many ways:

  1. Malware Scan
  2. Firewall (WAF)
  3. Hardening
  4. Post Hack
  5. Last Logins


10 Useful Tools to Grow Your Blogz

It is very important to share your content on all social media platforms, & this tool can help you in sharing your content to every social media site.

It is a free tool and it provides you lots of inbuilt features and you can add so many social media sites on your website, It provides you so many features like:

  1. Select different Icon Sizes
  2. Standalone Buttons
  3. Universal Buttons
  4. Sharing Header options
  5. Placements

Thrive Leads

It is a lead generation Tool but you have to Paid some bucks to use, It is very useful for you to create some quality leads for your blogging website.

It helps you to create your mailing list faster than ever. It has so many features which will definitely increase your blog traffic. It has tools like Content Builder, Landing Page Builder, Headline Optimizer, and Visual Editor.

Content Builder – As the name defines, it helps you to create appealing Content, which helps you to get your audience connected.

Landing Page Builder – It’s one of the best Landing Page builder tool, which helps you to create attractive Landing Pages by using Drag & Drop options, It does provide you so many themes and options to make our Landing Page more and More attractive.

Headline Optimizer – It is used for A/B testing of the headlines which is used to write blogz and can make a big difference in terms of quality leads.

Visual Editor – It help you to add Pop-ups, Sign- up forms, Integrations, Goals Creations and much more.

10 Useful Tools to Grow Your Blogz

Buzz Sumo

10 Useful Tools to Grow Your Blogz

It is the best-paid tool used to analyze the blog content, Brand Monitoring, Competitor Analysis, Content Curation, Influencer Marketing, Content Research, and planning. It is a paid tool & also available for a 14 days trail.

WP Touch Mobile Plug-in

10 Useful Tools to Grow Your BlogzIt is a Plug-in which is used to create Mobile Friendly website, with lots of extensions like:

  1. Advanced Type
  2. Basic Ads
  3. Web Apps Mode
  4. Mobile Content
  5. AMP For Wp-touch
  6. Jquery Enhanced
  7. Related Posts
  8. Multi-Ads

10 Useful Tools to Grow Your Blogz

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