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Tanishaa Mukerji Replied beautifully to slut Shamers

 Tanishaa Mukerji Replied beautifully to slut Shamers

Kajol’s younger sis and Ajay Devgn’s Sister-in-Law “Tanishaa Mukerji” has trolled on Instagram a few days ago for a few of her recent pictures on Instagram.

Tanishaa Mukerji

She had Spoken to one of the leading Channel this is exactly what she said

“It’s 8 months of rigorous diet. I have not become skinny. I have only added muscle and lost fat. Body fitness is very important, it is very easy to give in to vices and sugar was my vice. I struck it off completely from me. I had no option because I wasn’t feeling fully fit.”

I was doing weights and Pilates, but my fat content had risen even though my weight hadn’t. I had to target my fat.

Tanishaa Mukerji
Yeh Dhai Kilo Ka Hath Hai..!!!

I cut off on alcohol and therefore no parties. I used to have my occasional glass of wine before this but ab Nahin.

My diet had no chapatis but rice and occasional bread yes.

However, I was strictly off from any type of processed food., nothing from a packet.

Trust me, it was a ‘Now or Never’ situation. I also started chanting because losing fat or even weight is a combination of mind, body, and soul.

Your body is your temple, never abuse it by eating whatever you get. Choose the right food as much as possible.

Tanishaa Mukerji
Tanishaa Mukerji | Don’t Forget Gyming | Be Healthy |

As for the trolls I received my latest pictures on Insta, well I can only say that I feel very bad for them. Their lack of knowledge is a complete stark.

Never talk down to people, and trust me you want to provide you have knowledge. Amitabh Bachchan sir is a case in point.

Slut-shaming has become an in-thing. I think people are bored in their lives and have nothing better to do. Why are these guys wasting their time by lambasting others? They should first look at themselves in the mirror.

By only criticising people, you are just being a horrible person.

Tanishaa Mukerji
Tanishaa Mukerji Beauty Avatar


Why don’t we allow people to age in Indian Film industry?

You surely can’t look at 30 what you looked when you were 20.

In Hollywood, actors and other artist are allowed to age gracefully— lekin yahan toh bas. It just smacks of the upbringing of trolls.

By talking sh** about somebody, you are not helping him/her but just being a horrible person

Tanishaa Mukerji
Tanishaa Mukerji’s Slim Body is Sexy Af..!

Social media has become a vicious cycle. I won’t say that India has not been able to handle it.

America has not been able to handle it either, in fact, things there are much worse. Let us not misuse social media.

Let us use it to stay connected with people and be each other’s well-wisher, which should reflect on the public domains.

Let is not spew venom, and above all, let us change the idea of beauty.”

Tanishaa, in the end, we wish you all the best for your fitness, may you soon get a slim body and boys get fainted because of your sexy avatar.  😆

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